Tuesday, June 21

(Not) A Runner's Journey

It's week 6. Two weeks ago I had to take the daily assignment to the treadmill because Texas weather is horrible. 

I think it was the second or third week that the Saturday run was intervals of 3 minutes. It was incredibly hard and I only made it 3 minutes the first interval.

This Saturday, I ran for 8 minutes the first interval. I was so surprised and really proud of myself. Seeing improvement is definitely a boost to keep going. 

Saturday, May 14

(Not) A Runners Journey

Today I started a training program called 9to5 intended to get you to a 5k in 9 weeks. While I am not a couch potato, I am fairly sedentary. In the lowest level group, the walking group, I was last or second to last the entire time. 

It was hard but not so hard I wanted to quit. So here goes nothing. 

Sunday, June 28

Travel tip

Do not change your kids diaper in the seat of the plane. Take them to the restroom and be considerate of your fellow travelers.